Formula One Driving School

Formula One Driving School - Malanshof Randburg

Formula One Driving School – Malanshof Randburg, a leading driving school in Johannesburg. We operate mainly in Randburg and Sandton areas. During it’s 20 years of experience, the driving school produced thousands of drivers, with excellent skills. About 90 % of our students pass the driving test first time. We also provide free learners tuition on our website. All our students pass first time their learners test.

Formula One Driving School Services:

1. Learners Lessons:
Get the knowledge of all rules of the road, toad signs, regulatory signs, warning signs, guidance & information signhs, road markings, traffic signals, additional signs, control.
Practice tests A, B, C, D, E on your computer. This tests are available on this website Free of Charge.
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2. Driving Lessons:
Theoretical explanation of mechanisms of driving
Driving with 1st gear, taking off, stopping
Taking off with hand break and clutch control
Incline start
3 Point turn
Alley docking
Parallel parking
Driving with K53 observation
Repeating all parkings using K53 observations
Pre-trip inspection, hand signals, emergency stop
Polishing all the parkings in a replica of the yard
Driving on routes
3. Test Bookings:
You have to book personally at a testing station
4. Refreshing Courses:
Driving on variety of streets
Turning right at robots
Taking off with pedals only
Driving on the highway
2 Types on real parking
Routes you will have to use often

Contact Details for Formula One Driving School:


Contact Person:
MIKE Georgiev

083 493 3119


5 Hans Schoeman Drive