New Gautrain Fares – 1 June 2014

The Gautrain project illustrates Government’s commitment to actively promote public transport. It also strives to support the priorities of economic growth, development and infrastructure delivery.

Gautrain will introduce a multi-tiered fare structure offering discounts of up to 30% between peak “red” and off-peak “green” train fares while commuters in an intermediate “orange” period will enjoy a 10% discount from the peak “red” fare. This is a continuation of the structural changes that were introduced to fares last year with the objective of improving the overall utilization level of the integrated rail and bus service. It can further be noted that during the past year transport-related input costs rose substantially above the CPI Index. The “orange” fares reflect an increase of between about 5% and 9% on the previous year’s standard fares with the aim of making shorter trips more attractive. “Red” fares will only be applicable during the morning peak hour (06h30 to 07h30) and also only in the peak demand directions: south-bound and west-bound. Bus fares will remain unchanged. Airport-service train fares will increase by R10 per trip while the daily parking tariff will increase by only R3, from R15 to R18.

Download the NEW Gautrain Fares

Gautrain Fares and Journey Products

Your Gautrain Gold Card allows you to load a variety of different fare products to suit your travel needs:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Simply load a convenient value onto your Gold Card and then tag in and out of any service. The correct fee (and any applicable discount) will automatically be deducted from your Gold Card. Credit balances (and transaction history) can be checked at any ticket office or ticket vending machine.
  • Period Products: If you regularly commute between two stations you should consider buying one of our period products. These products offer great discounts on train fares. You will however still need to load Pay-As-You-Go value to pay for parking and bus fares


The Red Fare from the table below is automatically applied when you tag into the fare gates as indicated in the timetable between
06h30 and 07h30 and travel in the direction indicated on any weekday.

  • The Orange Fare from the table below is automatically applied when you tag into the relevant fare gate between 06h00 and 08h30 (unless a red fare applies) or between 15h30 and 18h00 on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays.
  • The Green Fare from the table below is automatically applied when you tag into the relevant fare gate before 06h00, between 08h30 and 15h30 and after 18h00 on any weekday).

Contact Details for Gautrain:

0800-GAUTRAIN or 0800 428 87246 (Toll-free)


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