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Poat Construction

Poat Construction offers an range of services and specializes in: Building, Plastering, Tyrolean, Rhinoliting, Tiling, Painting and Paving. We invite you to experience a professional level of service,providing quality and thoroughness that is important to our clients.we strive to be a seamless extension of yor personal or business operations.we are located in Johannesburg. Poat Construction was founded in 2010 as a professional contractor in Gauteng.

We strives to meet individualized client needs through the provision of a flexible,quality and cost effective service that fosters the approach.the company efficient time and information management systems also assist in ensuring that projects are completed within budget and on time.poat construction pledges to uphold the objectives of its equity plan and to continue improving the skills of its is believed that those actions will contribute favorably to the improved quality of delivery onsite and the enhanced loyalty of its staff.over the next 10 years.

We do anything possible to make sure all our clients are happy.we are predominantly all over Gauteng with residential projects, we operate all over Gauteng. Call us for more information and free quotations.

Contact Details for Poat Construction:

Contact Person:
Obey gala

074 746 8641



106 Alanridge Court
Cavendish and Natal