Sacred Path

Sacred Path. Self discovery is the doorway to enlightenment. Or you could just be happy….. Come learn self defense or/and meditation. Come meet new people and then learn to beat them up… All this, while becoming a better, more well rounded, faster, healthier, more mentally aware, happier, more centered individual. Self respect , increased mental alacrity, greater strength, conflict resolution skills and awesome Jedi mind powers are free.

Mind Body Integration

We now know conclusively that if it happens in your mind, if you can imagine it, It happens in your body. The necessity to differentiate between what is yours and what is not is not only a things exercise. Emotional baggage and the inability to separate issues is a major contributing factor to first world stress related syndromes and diseases. Learning this basic skill can not only be the difference between happiness and prosperity but also between living a long healthy life or succumbing to stress and dying young.

  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Deeper More Relaxed Sleep
  • Elevated subtle Senses
  • Increased Physical Action
  • Increased Mental Alacrity
  • Greater Understanding of Self
  • The Ability To Kick Butt
  • Higher levels of Awareness

Contact details for Sacred Path:

Contact Person:
Gary Campbell

076 827 3476



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