Ultradots – The Preferred Microdot Solution

What are Microdots?

Microdots are tiny high-tech polyester substrate dots, encoded with a specific pin number. 10,000 Microdots are sprayed onto your vehicle (not on paintwork) marking the vehicle and its parts permanently with a unique pin number. If the primary and secondary identification marks are removed, your vehicle is still able to be identified via the Microdots.

The Preferred Microdot Solution

  • Recognised as the most fitted Microdot product by the majority of aftermarket motor dealers and insurers.
  • Ultradot fitment centres operating from Clayville Testing Centre.
  • Our mobile unit will do the fitment at your site.
  • Workmanship and Product guaranteed.
  • Now legislated for your protection (new vehicles).
  • Legislative requirement for a Police Clearance certificate.

Contact Details for Ultradots:

011 316 5115


40 Industry Road

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